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February 2018

Play by the rules with RoW

15 Jan 2018, Building and housing, LBP & Regulation, Prove Your Know How

When completing and issuing records of work (RoWs), Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) have certain obligations

The Building Practitioners Board (the Board) continues to receive a high number of complaints about LBPs not issuing RoWs when they are required. Not providing a RoW is a poor reason to come before the Board, so ensure your records are up to date.

You can read more information on how RoWs should be used in Codewords Issue 71.

What are the rules?

Each LBP who carries out or supervises Restricted Building Work (RBW) must, on completion of the RBW, provide a RoW to the home owner and territorial authority (the local council). This requirement is set out in section 88 of the Building Act. It is also a disciplinary matter for LBPs if a RoW is not provided when one is required – meaning that you could be disciplined by the Board.

The record of work process.

What is a RoW for?

A RoW is designed to be a documented record of who carried out or supervised RBW under a building consent.

It protects you by listing only what you did, removing future uncertainty in situations where multiple contractors have performed or supervised RBW on one site. For this reason, the accuracy of the record is important as it will remain with the building records for the life of the building. It serves as an enduring and accurate record of RBW undertaken on-site.

How does this play out in practice?

When you have completed your portion of RBW on-site you should:

• Complete a RoW, either in the LBP portal or by using another valid method, such as the standard RoW form available on building.govt.nz.
• Ensure the record is sufficiently detailed, so it describes each aspect of the RBW you either carried out or supervised (your role could include a combination of supervision and doing work).
• Provide a copy of the RoW to both the home owner and to the local council.

What if you don’t provide a RoW?

You could face disciplinary action by the Board if you do not provide a RoW when one is required. You must not withhold a RoW for non-payment of work under a building contract, or simply because you are in dispute with the client.

Failure to provide a RoW is a disciplinary matter for which the Board has zero tolerance. For a more detailed overview of these requirements, please refer to the Board’s decision in C2 01170.

This article first appeared in Codewords – Issue 81

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