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17 Jul 2019, News, Product Focus

Save time and money with MiTek’s new BOWMAC STUDLOK ® Screw System – an efficient solution for fixing top plates to studs for residential timber frame buildings

Want a better way of doing your stud to top plate fixing? The new BOWMAC STUD-LOK ® Screw System – offered through PlaceMakers Frame and Truss – provides an effective solution for top plate to stud fixings for residential timber frame buildings.

“Uniquely engineered by MiTek, STUD-LOK complies with the fixing requirements in section 8, NZS 3604:2011 and eliminates the need for builders to hammer straps on site, saving time and effort,” says National Manufacturing Manager Richard Rozbicki.

“This fully compliant and tested screw is used during frame and truss manufacturing, eliminating the need for builders to fix top plates to studs on site and providing a strong and completely internal connection.”

The completed framing is marked with a PlaceMakers stencil to identify the use of the BOWMAC STUD-LOK system, as the screw head is concealed from view. This mark is recognised by building inspectors.

“Feedback from our builders has been great, with no issues at all during inspections,” says Richard. “Everyone is really positive about the new system, as it’s much less time consuming than using strapping studs.”

Meeting the standard

When fixing a rafter or a truss to a top plate, the NZS 3604:2011 requirement to connect the top plate through to the stud can be accomplished in a number of ways, depending on the type of fixing required – A or B type.

The A type is a 0.7kn connection and can be achieved by inserting two nails from your top plate through into your stud.

The B type is a 4.7kn load and, until now, could be achieved through one of three processes – installing a pair of CPC 40s underneath the top plate against the face of the stud, installing a single CPC 80 on one side underneath the top plate fixed into your stud, or using a stud strap which goes across the top plate and down the face of the stud.

Richard believes the new BOWMAC STUD-LOK ® Screw system will quickly become the process of choice.

“Until now, the most common option was using stud straps once the framing arrived on site,” says Richard. “Having the option to have framing arrive on site, already fixed internally through an approved process, saves builders time and money.

“We rolled this out in March through the PlaceMakers Monster Tool sale events and there wasn’t a builder we spoke to who didn’t see the possible benefits.”

About Bowmac Stud-Lok

  • Complies with fixing requirements in Section 8 NZS 3604:2011.
  • The BOWMAC® STUD-LOK forms an integral part of the MiTek Truss & Frame design and layout.
  • Available in two lengths, allowing for connections from stud to single top plate (SL125) and stud to double top plates (SL170).
  • Applied in the factory.
  • Is a completely internal connection, avoiding any clashes with wall linings.
  • The STUD-LOK fixing is designed to resist vertical loads only.
  • Refer to Table 8.19 NZS 3604:2011 for nailing schedule to resist lateral loads.
  • The STUD-LOK connections assume that the correct choice of rafter/truss fixings have been made. Wall framing arrangements under girder trusses are not covered in this schedule.
  • All timber selections are as per NZS 3604:2011 and include LVL8 timber grades.

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