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Issue 52 - May 2016

PlaceMakers supports skills maintenance

26 Apr 2016, Featured, LBP & Regulation, Uncategorized

To heScreen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.12.30 AMlp builders get to grips with ongoing regulatory changes across the industry, PlaceMakers aims to provide ongoing support to its customers

“It’s about doing our bit to help Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs)  earn the necessary skills maintenance points,” says PlaceMakers general manager operations and marketing Gary Woodhouse.

“We ensure our customers can earn all their required elective points through PlaceMakers initiatives, such as reading our monthly Under Construction magazine and attending our seminars.

Dispelling skills maintenance myths

PlaceMakers representatives have recently fielded some questions about the points gained by attending seminars and reading trade publications such as Under Construction, in light of recent changes to the LBP scheme.

In short, the answer is yes – both of these activities are still relevant and earn Licensed Building Practitioners skills maintenance points.

However, what has changed is the number of points LBPs can earn through these mediums, which are now considered elective activities. Whereas previously an LBP carpenter could earn all of his required 24 skills maintenance points over two years in this manner, now he can only earn 12. This is because the new scheme is not entirely points-based; it includes both compulsory and elective activities.

The compulsory activities – reading Codewords and recording on-the-job learning – equate to half of the required points. The remaining points still need to be earned through elective activities, such as reading Under Construction or attending skills maintenance seminars.

Seminars under way

To help keep LBPs up to speed with the newest legislation changes, PlaceMakers tenth round of skills maintenance seminars is now under way. Presenter John Tait will  be looking at the new WorkSafe licensing requirements for working with asbestos, focusing on what builders can and can’t ‘touch’ without a licence.

The seminars will help builders get to grips with MBIE’s recent ‘Quick Guide to Product Substitution’.

John will also be discussing Building Code clause F2 – Hazardous Building Materials, with a particular focus on safety glass in bathrooms and deck barriers, as well as an update on LBP complaints and the lessons that can be drawn from them.

Contact your local store operator to confirm your attendance!

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